Hillview Court

1000 Hillview Ct
Milpitas, CA   95035
Hillview Court Jamboree Homekey Permanent Supportive Housing in Milpitas CA
  • Hillview Court Jamboree Homekey Permanent Supportive Housing in Milpitas CA
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Permanent Supportive Housing for Formerly Homeless in Milpitas, CA

Motel conversion into apartments with services in Santa Clara County

Located in Milpitas, CA, Hillview Court is another quality example of Permanent Supportive Housing by Jamboree. Formerly an Extended Stay America, this motel conversion has been renovated into studio apartments for those experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness. Residents must qualify for this type of housing through the Santa Clara County Health Care Agency. Supportive housing is quality affordable apartment living with stabilizing services. The results of this approach are a more than 90% success rate in residents avoiding a return to homelessness.

Housing first: National best practice

Unlike the temporary accommodations with transitional housing – such as shelters – residents of Permanent Supportive Housing don’t have to leave each day and return at night, nor do they have to move out after a brief stay. Once qualified for and referred to Hillview Court by participating agencies, residents sign a lease for an apartment they reside in long-term as long they follow community rules. There is no onsite intake center for those experiencing homelessness. Using the housing first model, Jamboree’s goal is to maintain long-term housing stability to keep residents active, stable, and thriving in their local neighborhood.

Community engagement and integration 

At the outset of Hillview Court’s renovations, Jamboree and Santa Clara County worked closely with partners such as local housing advocates and the State Attorney General’s office to avoid costly delays and a Not in My Backyard (NIMBY) community protest.  

Although community approval is not required for Homekey properties, Jamboree knows the importance of being a good neighbor from experience. To increase community support, Jamboree held several online neighborhood workshops to hear local concerns and engage the community as well as provide insightful information about the success of Permanent Supportive Housing – a proven solution integrated into any kind of neighborhood, including high-income single-family neighborhoods, mixed-income neighborhoods, and urban centers.

During these community outreach meetings, Jamboree also worked to dispel any myths about negative impacts on local property values – citing a robust 10-year research study in Santa Clara County – and the potential for a crime increase. In fact, Permanent Supportive Housing helps residents remain stable. Onsite staff is well trained to work with local law enforcement to report any unsafe activity and to ensure that the neighborhood is secure for Hillview Court’s residents and members of the surrounding neighborhood. Additionally, Hillview Court features standard security measures, such as security cameras and a gated entry.

Hillview Court plays a critical role in helping the county reach its goal to create 6,000 new supportive housing opportunities. To date, 20+ new housing developments have created 1,600+ new and 480+ renovated apartment homes for six cities throughout Santa Clara County.

Proven expertise

For decades, Jamboree has partnered with communities, cities, counties, and organizations to transform the lives of individuals and families in need. As a developer dedicated to maintaining affordability and enhancing residents’ quality of life for the long-term, Jamboree seeks to build Permanent Supportive Housing that is both effective and cost-efficient. Jamboree is a leader in affordable housing development – for both new construction and repurposing existing structures like motels and hotels – as a tried-and-true method in the effort to end homelessness.

Funding Permanent Supportive Housing is as much in the best interest of its residents as it is the city as a whole. When considering the annual cost of services, it proves 50% cheaper to permanently house a person and provide them with supportive services than it is to do nothing. Jamboree works closely with the City of Milpitas and Santa Clara County to ensure this property remains an asset to residents, the surrounding neighborhood, and its larger community. Ongoing property management and onsite supportive services are funded through the overall operations of Hillview Court.

Looking for more?

Learn about Permanent Supportive Housing and Jamboree’s approach to this housing solution that can help end homelessness. See Jamboree’s long-term commitment to address homelessness and its development expertise with other motel conversions.

Community Features
  • Near mass transit
  • Community center
  • Elevator
  • Pet-friendly
  • Laundry facility
  • Water-efficient landscaping
  • Onsite services
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