Partner Events for Affordable Housing

Networking opportunities, property tours, raising funds and awareness

Jamboree staff and partners at Heroes Landing broundbreaking

Jamboree in-person and virtual partner events provide recognition of existing partners and an opportunity to make connections with prospective partners to broaden networks that support affordable housing and services.

Looking to meet other partners?

Experience the joint progress and success of making affordable housing a reality at local groundbreakings and grand openings. Along with a resident’s story, recognition of key partners are highlights of a grand opening, bringing home the power of what we do together to change lives. Join our newsletter to receive invitations to these milestones.

Want to tour a property?

Partners often host tours to show their networks how affordable housing can seamlessly integrate into a variety of communities. For some, it’s a first opportunity to see what award-winning affordable housing really looks like -- and how it transforms communities.

Need a speaker?

As one of the largest nonprofit community development organizations in California, Jamboree’s experienced board members and executive staff have a remarkable bench strength of industry knowledge. Our experts speak to a wide variety of housing and services topics to make in-person and online programs informative and meaningful.

Want to raise awareness, funds for affordable housing?

As a nonprofit, our special events increase connection among our valued partners, while raising awareness of affordable housing with services. These gatherings support affordable housing through generous donors who underwrite or provide business goods or services for auction and may highlight community service partners.

How might you partner with us financially? If you have an idea about an event with your company, we'd like to talk to you. Please contact Marissa Feliciano, Director of Marketing & Communications.

Looking for more?

We invite you to join Jamboree at other industry events, or volunteer at resident events to experience the value of affordable housing first-hand. 

Learn more about how to request a property tour or a speaker.

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