In the hustle of everyday life, it’s all too easy to forget those who have laid the foundations of our community, especially our elders who now face the twilight of their lives without a home. These individuals are not just seniors; they are keepers of stories, bearers of wisdom, and once, they were just like us. Now, they need our help.

We are thrilled to announce the development of a new low-income apartment complex in Huntington Beach, specifically designed for our senior residents who lack stable housing. This initiative will offer more than just shelter—it will provide our seniors with security, dignity, and a sense of belonging.

How You Can Help:

  • Monetary Donations: Every dollar you contribute helps us furnish these homes and provide the daily necessities that bring comfort and ease to their lives.

  • Household Goods Donation Drive: Join our drive by donating items that will transform these apartments into warm homes. Select from one of our prebuilt packages to set our residents up for success:

    • Kitchen essentials like pots, pans, and silverware

    • Bedding items including twin sheets, comforter sets, and pillows

    • Bathroom supplies such as shower curtain rings and bath towels

  • Spread the Word: If you’re unable to contribute directly, you can still play a vital role by sharing our cause within your network. Talk to your friends, family, and coworkers—every new supporter brings us closer to our goal.

Every dollar donated goes towards our Senior residents needs.

Jamboree will cover all administrative costs, sales tax and shipping. 

Together, we can ensure that our seniors are not left behind. Join us in making a difference right here in Huntington Beach, where every senior deserves a place to call home. Your support not only changes lives—it defines the very nature of our community.

Pelican Harbor (HB Senior) Donation

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