A Corporate Strategy for Community Impact

Affordable housing: plans, properties, programs, partnerships

Jamboree and community partners at the Wesley Village groundbreaking in Garden Grove CA

Jamboree fully embraces the principle that the development of premier affordable housing is only the first phase of what will be a long-term partnership – and operational commitment – with stakeholders and the communities in which we develop properties. The stability and long-term success of the larger community is made possible through the impact of resident programs and community resources. This approach fulfills our mission and maintains a continuum of quality housing and services at the foundation of our reputation and livelihood.

As a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), Jamboree’s strategic investment in a community goes well beyond the properties we construct. Our affordable housing developments are a platform for measurable community outcomes. We bring together community organizations in healthcare, education, and economic development to work collaboratively to help cities address the pressing needs they identify as priority. See how our merger with HOMES, Inc. in 2010 has specifically impacted mental health and homelessness.

Jamboree strives to show the true impact of how lives are being changed through our community partnerships. We work to improve educational outcomes, enhance nutrition and health, increase access to medical and mental health services for families and children, and support for seniors. At a growing number of our properties, these local partnerships form a Community Collaborative, a committed, long-term approach to evolving goals and needs.

Jamboree wants to work with local elected officials, neighborhood, church and religious leaders, law enforcement and healthcare providers to help them solve broader community needs – whether they be public safety, community health, additional education and/or more community space issues. Our community impact strategy ensures our housing and services are relevant, sustainable and effective in addressing the real needs of the residents and surrounding neighborhood.

Together, we want to be part of the story that decreases poverty, blight, and crime, reduces commutes and carbon footprints, and eliminates chronic homelessness. We'd love to be a part of addressing the needs of your community or the priorities of your area.

Assessing a Community

Through a comprehensive community assessment and in-depth neighborhood input and data analysis, Jamboree identifies services, programs and community service amenities to include in our design and development activity.

This assessment includes an analysis of data focused on income and education levels, language proficiency, employment, neighborhood safety, and school performance. Jamboree interviews key stakeholders who know the community. These include interviews with city officials, school districts, law enforcement, property managers, community organizers, social service providers, churches and anyone else who can help us learn about the community in detail. This process is vital in assessing a community’s unique strengths and challenges so our work builds upon those strengths and helps to address those challenges. To complement our research, we use a variety of data sources.  Most commonly, they include the U.S. Census, American Community Survey, California Healthy Kids Survey, and local School Climate Surveys, among others.

The ultimate goal? To advance the overall well-being of the community – making it stronger – as defined by:

  • Access to quality physical and mental health services;
  • Improvement in educational outcomes;
  • Improved social bonds;
  • Access to parks and recreation facilities, and
  • A feeling of security within a community.

We achieve this goal by offering meaningful supports to both the residents within the communities we develop, and, whenever possible, ensure such investments benefit the larger community and neighborhood. This gives Jamboree the best opportunity to strengthen the life of the community by addressing its real needs, and by providing social, educational and health support programs that lead to strong, healthy, sustainable communities.

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