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At the outset of development, the design of Compass Rose physically brought together the Richman Park neighborhood. Jamboree's creative use of land combined 10 individual parcels acquired from the City of Fullerton into five lots. The apartment buildings were oriented so that a separate community center with interior and exterior amenities became a central hub for residents and the surrounding neighborhood, helping to foster a true sense of community.

Next, our Community Collaborative strategy brought together a variety of community stakeholders to identify shared needs and goals to design customized programming. This is the first step in Jamboree’s four-step process that begins with a community needs assessment to bring greater clarity about specific steps necessary to achieve desired outcomes for residents at Compass Rose and in the surrounding neighborhood.

Flexibility is the key to a Community Collaborative’s success. As the community’s needs change over time, services are redirected or expanded, and new partners are added to the collaborative. Here’s how the Compass Rose Community Collaborative began and continues to evolve.


One of the first collaborative partnerships started in 2019, while Compass Rose was still under construction. Jamboree partnered with NeighborWorks Orange County to provide a series of credit improvement workshops for residents in the area who wanted to improve their credit score to apply for an apartment at Compass Rose. More than 35 local residents attended the series.

Other original partners include Pathways of Hope, St. Jude Neighborhood Health Center, the YMCA, and the California State University Fullerton (CSUF) Center for Healthy Neighborhoods in the Richman Park community, that gathered to identify how best to support the needs of this formerly blighted and overcrowded neighborhood.

Since the CSUF Center for Health Neighborhoods provides after-school programs, the collaborative focused on supporting the ongoing academic success of children through activities like after-school programs, part of Jamboree’s REACHkids approach to services, with homework assistance and tutoring for students. For parents, activities focused on improving emotional and physical health by offering workforce development seminars, health and wellness classes, nutrition education, group fitness activities, and hosting neighborhood safety and community-building events.


With a continued focus on developing a sense of community, residents at Compass Rose enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together thanks to donations by Food Finders, and an end-of-year tamale celebration. In collaboration with Fullerton’s Resident Leadership Academy and the California State University Fullerton (CSUF) Community Center, residents gave back to their community by participating in the clean-up of a local park

Jamboree staff implemented a program in which they call individual residents to inquire about their health and emotional status, and to gather additional information about what resources they may need. Monthly resident meetings feature a variety of local organizations to share about the program offerings and opportunities that residents may access to meet a variety of needs.

Staff also have worked with the Fullerton Police Department’s Community Liaison Officer to create a Neighborhood Watch in the community, inviting residents from other nearby apartment communities to join them in supporting a safe community. And thanks to a grant through Kaiser Permanente, a financial health initiative is now possible, encouraging economic development opportunities for our residents as well as the local neighborhood.


With a flexible adaptability, the Compass Rose Community Collaborative fuels the success of quality affordable housing by creating a platform for real community change that delivers improved outcomes where needed most. Needs and objectives are assessed annually, often leading to new partnerships that foster continued momentum.

Going forward, the Compass Rose Community Collaborative continues to provide seminars and services to increase the financial knowledge and security of residents, as well as supporting nutrition, fitness, and academic success. Services remain focused on identifying barriers and providing opportunities that will improve the lives of residents and their families.

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