ANAHEIM: Finamore Place

PRESS EVENT: THURSDAY, JUNE 22 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 
Finamore Place 
915 E. Orangewood Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92802 

A decade in the making with support from the City of Anaheim, Jamboree Housing Corporation (Jamboree), U.S. Bancorp Impact Finance, and Disneyland Resort, Finamore Place is now officially open, bringing critically needed affordable housing to the City of Anaheim AND a brand-new Community Center. “Finamore Place Community Collaborative” serves as a premier model of Jamboree's innovative approach to community development. Open and accessible to all, this Center features mental, healthcare and educational services that previously were lacking, or unavailable, within the area. Thanks to these entities' collaboration, families and individuals in Anaheim will now have access to St. Jude Neighborhood Health Center, with free medical services for Medi-Cal patients and pediatrics, women's health/prenatal care, and optometry services. In addition, Orange County Head Start's 3,800-square-foot early education center exists to meet the educational, emotional, social, health, and nutritional needs of low-income children and families; and a Child Guidance Center offers families behavioral health services, including Parent Child Interaction Therapy, ADHD treatment, children’s behavior management therapy and Military Veterans Family Treatment and Support. Finamore Place is named as a lasting tribute to Marcy Finamore, whose passion for Jamboree’s mission to provide high-quality housing and community services helped propel them to their leadership position today. Press release with image link below. 

Interviews & tours available with the following event speakers: 
Mayor Ashleigh Aitken, City of Anaheim 
Councilmember Norma Campos Kurtz, District 4, City of Anaheim 
Ken Potrock, President, Disneyland Resort 
Brian Roberts, Vice President, U.S. Bancorp Impact Finance 
Laura Archuleta, President & CEO, Jamboree 
Finamore Place Resident 


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Photos of event:

Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place
Click on images to view larger size Photos: Juan Tallo

Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place Finamore Place
Click on images to view larger size Photos: Juan Tallo

Lauren Walsh Forgione LW&Co.
La Jolla, CA

ABOUT JAMBOREE: Founded in 1990, Irvine, CA-headquartered Jamboree Housing Corporation is an award-winning, broad-based nonprofit housing development company that develops, acquires, renovates and manages permanently affordable rental and ownership housing throughout California for working families, seniors and people with special needs. A leading community development organization, Jamboree is committed to sustaining excellence with high quality affordable housing that benefits the environment, the economy and local communities. For more information, visit

ABOUT ANAHEIM: Anaheim is a full-service city supporting more than 328,000 residents, 20,000 businesses and 25 million annual visitors. The city provides public safety through the Anaheim Police Department and Anaheim Fire & Rescue, water and power service through Anaheim Public Utilities, parks, community centers, family services and libraries through Anaheim Community Services, neighborhood and transportation improvements through Anaheim Public Works, community revitalization through Economic Development and affordable housing opportunities through Anaheim Housing and Community Development. Each year, the city helps support 6,300 households with $111 million in rent assistance and is home to 39 dedicated affordable communities. Anaheim is a modern, diverse city with a proud history dating back to its 1857 founding. Anaheim is known worldwide as the home of the Disneyland Resort, including Walt Disney’s original Disneyland Park, as well as Angel Stadium of Anaheim and Angels Baseball, Honda Center and the Anaheim Ducks, and the Anaheim Convention Center, the largest on the West Coast. Anaheim’s thriving visitor industry and business community help support the city’s neighborhoods and make Anaheim a great place to live, work and play. For more, please see

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