Marcy Finamore Tribute

Marcy Finamore, Jamboree staff and partners at Park Landing groundbreaking in Buena Park

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our valued Jamboree colleague and family member, Marcy Finamore. Marcy joined Jamboree in a part-time position as the Director of Finance with a staff of one and rose to become Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer with a staff team of more than 95. Marcy was a good friend and mentor to a number of our staff as well as many others who had the pleasure to know her. We grieve the loss of this amazing woman and invite you to leave your own tribute in the comments below.

During her 19 years at Jamboree, Marcy was instrumental in our growth, and oversaw the annual operating budget as it grew from $830,000 to $12 million. Her remarkable financial ability included the creation of sophisticated financial systems for the management of Jamboree’s $3.2+ billion portfolio of more than 96 communities.

Making a difference

Marcy’s respect, professionalism, and balanced focus made her a strong leader, and her management skills were second only to her financial expertise. Despite the complexities of her job, she always focused on Jamboree’s mission to provide high-quality housing and services to the community. She said, “Some of my best memories with Jamboree include property grand openings and community heart warmings (resident welcome gatherings) where we have a chance to see what we built, how it affects our residents’ lives and how much resident services enrich their quality of life. We’re making a positive difference in the world, even if our contribution to that impact is here in the office, doing behind-the-scenes work.”

Family first

Despite her considerable financial abilities, whenever asked about her passion, Marcy’s answer was always “family.” She once wrote, “I’ve been blessed with a big, loving, supportive family and it’s my greatest pleasure to spend time with them! I’m the eldest of five siblings and my daughter is one of my mom’s 15 grandchildren who range from age five to 35.”

One of Marcy’s favorite places to spend time with her family was in the mountains of Big Bear, where her family has gone for so many years it felt like a second home. She loved to walk, explore, and enjoy the fresh air. Marcy also regularly attended church and was part of a women’s group there.

A heart to serve

Marcy’s passion for family extended to those she didn’t even know. Every summer she volunteered a week at Royal Family Kids, a nonprofit dedicated to interrupting the neglect, abuse and abandonment of children in the foster care system. Marcy wrote of her experience: “My daughter, Elizabeth, and I served at a five-day camp for 85 foster kids. About 125 volunteers from both of our churches come together each year to bring life and hope to these kids who range in age from six to 11. Elizabeth and her band lead the children in singing camp and worship songs twice a day. I ran the arts and crafts station where the kids get to paint and make jewelry and do other fun activities. We both stayed in cabins with kids and counselors so we had the opportunity to truly love the kids and connect with them.”

How do you remember Marcy?

Please feel free to share with Jamboree and others in the comments a fond memory, something you learned from her, or the difference she made in your life or the lives of those around you. 

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