Jamboree Housing Corporation Promotes Natalie Reider and Karen Hammond to Vice Presidents

Jamboree promotes Natalie Reider and Karen Hammond to Vice Presidents.
Jamboree Housing Corporation announced the recent promotions of Natalie Reider to Vice President of Community Impact and Karen Hammond to Vice President of Human Resources. Reider (pictured at left) will oversee Jamboree’s business plan and strategic goals, while Hammond (pictured at right) will monitor and address the increased staffing needs as Jamboree develops new communities throughout California. Through their new roles, Reider and Hammond will continue to support Jamboree’s mission to deliver high-quality affordable housing and services that transform lives and strengthen communities.

“As one of California’s largest nonprofit affordable housing developers in California, Jamboree is continually looking for ways to expand our operations. This is in response to the increased demand for affordable housing from our municipal and community partners across the state. Our staff team is on the front lines to help communities support identified affordable housing opportunities, providing upfront expertise on how to bring these potential projects to fruition,” said Laura Archuleta, Jamboree President and CEO.

Natalie Reider came to Jamboree in 2015 as the Director of Community Impact. In that role, she organized the management team responsible for Jamboree’s family and senior services programs. In the last six years, she has developed a research and data model designed to measure the impact of affordable housing in the communities Jamboree serves. Reider brings an innovative and client-centered approach to affordable housing, economic mobilization, and community revitalization. Her ultimate vision is for the results of tested solutions in these areas to create sustainable improvements in the efficiency of social service models nationwide. “Reider has shown leadership in developing practices and service programs. She has also focused on the continuous quality improvement processes that have produced a team that has been put to the test during the COVID-19 crisis and continues to demonstrate their tremendous capacity for delivering on behalf of our residents,” said George Searcy, Jamboree’s Chief Impact Officer.

Karen Hammond has worked her way up the ranks of the nonprofit to the role of Vice President since she began on a part-time basis at Jamboree in 2006. Since then, Hammond has helped Jamboree grow from 15 employees to more than 100 current employees. Her 25-year career in human resources includes companies in software development, finance, information technology and real estate, from which she has developed extensive expertise in the intricate and ever-evolving areas of employment law and best practices. “Karen is continuously seeking ways to better serve Jamboree and its employees, improving department efficiencies, and creating innovative workplace solutions for Jamboree’s workforce. Karen's calm, balanced leadership style inspires and promotes trust, harmony, and teamwork in our fast-paced and dynamic environment,” noted Archuleta.

In their new roles, both Reider and Hammond will help Jamboree navigate its increased growth and continue to support Jamboree’s mission of developing quality affordable housing in communities across California.


ABOUT JAMBOREE: Founded in 1990, Irvine, CA-headquartered Jamboree Housing Corporation is an award-winning, broad-based nonprofit housing development company that develops, acquires, renovates and manages permanently affordable rental and ownership housing throughout California for working families, seniors and people with special needs. A leading community development organization, Jamboree is committed to sustaining excellence with high quality affordable housing that benefits the environment, the economy and local communities.

It currently has $1.1 billion in affordable housing projects in its development pipeline and a portfolio value of $3.2 billion that includes the development of and/or ownership interest in more than 9,300 homes in more than 96 California communities. Currently, Jamboree offers resident services that foster learning, health and wellness, and community building at 34 Jamboree communities with designated staff at each location. For more information, visit jamboreehousing.com and follow Jamboree on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram at @JamboreeHousing.
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