Natalie Reider, Jamboree Community Operations Senior VP, Executive Management Team
Natalie Reider, Jamboree Community Operations Senior VP, Executive Management Team

Natalie Reider

Senior Vice President, Community Operations

As Senior Vice President of Community Operations, Natalie Reider oversees Jamboree’s Asset Management and Community Impact teams. This ensures the seamless integration of property management, resident services, data collection and analysis, financial performance, and community development and operations across the lifecycle of each Jamboree property. In this role, Natalie monitors the performance of the Jamboree real estate portfolio to provide strategic and forward-thinking advice to the CEO and board of directors, including risks and opportunities.

Natalie joined Jamboree in 2015 as Director of Community Impact to lead the expansion of resident services, a vital part of developing affordable housing that’s a platform for community change. She forged partnerships with cities and nonprofits to grow existing programs and implemented a Community Needs Assessment to better focus services.

When promoted to Vice President of Community Impact, she continued to lead the ongoing development and delivery of service programs responsive to the specific needs of a community, including the innovative Community Collaboratives. Natalie also worked to develop methods to quantify the impact of these services in the lives of Jamboree residents, measuring outcomes so that programming could be adapted to changing needs.

Before Jamboree, Natalie served as Senior Vice President for National CORE, an affordable housing developer in Southern California. There she was responsible for operations of its social service nonprofit, the Hope Through Housing Foundation, where she developed and managed outcome-driven programming initiatives.

Natalie believes in the power of strong partnerships as they allow diverse perspectives and innovative thinking to occur. They offer the ability to leverage the best of people, ideas, and resources in one organization with the best in another organization, leading to greater outcomes.

With two young, active daughters, Natalie and her husband enjoy getting outdoors at the park, beach, or local playgrounds. They also vacation with friends and family around the country. Other favorite wanderings include visits to the zoo in Santa Barbara, hiking and snowboarding in Mammoth and Tahoe, hailing cabs in New York, or checking out graffiti art in Miami.

Guiding principle: Everyone deserves an opportunity. Connecting housing and services provides that much-needed opportunity for so many people.
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