The Affordable Housing Pipeline   presented by   Jamboree Housing Corporation
Jamboree Housing Corporation, affordable housing developer

Is affordable housing poorly built?

Affordable housing must comply with the same building restrictions and design standards as market-rate housing. Plus, funding sources for affordable housing often require additional restrictions and higher standards than for market-rate housing.

Affordable housing is not affordable because it’s built with sub-quality materials; it is affordable in the sense that it is less costly to live in because it is supported by additional public and private funds.

When built by an experienced affordable housing developer – with community input from local residents – quality affordable housing developments can integrate well into the architectural character of a neighborhood.
Jamboree Courier Place in Claremont community building lounge
Jamboree'€™s Birch Hills in Brea CA affordable community greenspace
Jamboree's Park Landing resident recreation game room Buena Park
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