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Does Jamboree speak at events?

Jamboree participates, sponsors and speaks at industry events

As California housing costs continue to climb, the number of people who are on the verge of becoming homeless is also growing. Affordable housing is a critical need across the state, but there can be a lack of clarity about whom it’s for, how much it costs, and its impact on a local community.

As one of the largest nonprofit community development organizations in California, Jamboree’s experienced board members and executive staff have a remarkable bench strength of knowledge about affordable housing, supportive services, financing, housing policy and many other timely topics and are eager to share their experiences in-person or with virtual presentations focused on housing solutions that work.

What topics are offered?

The discussion about affordable housing falls into four general categories.

  1. Housing policy: How communities can shape affordable housing legislation and increase production through creative solutions that cut through red tape. We can address zoning entitlements, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Housing First as well as other policies affecting design, services, and financing.
  2. Housing development: Learn how partners, cities, and communities interact in the processes of planning, outreach, financing, development, design and construction of affordable housing. Our staff can address topics such as infill, rehabs, green building practices, entitlement processes, and lead informative discussions about the true costs of building – and not building – affordable housing.
  3. Community services & impact: Understand the significant health benefits of housing, and how our life-enriching services for children, families, seniors, veterans and those with special needs or those formerly homeless provide customized support and necessary stability so residents thrive. Discover how our unique Community Collaboratives provide specialized services that benefit an entire neighborhood.
  4. Property operations: This area of expertise focuses on how we manage property assets, ongoing maintenance and work to ensure long-term affordability. Plus, learn how a community development organization such as Jamboree can bring long-term stability to the neighborhoods it serves and the stewardship of properties entrusted to it.

Have a topic already in mind?

In addition to the above, Jamboree speakers are capable of customizing this vitally important information to the audience intended.

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